Central Auditory Processing Evaluations

Person speaking loudly into ear

This is an assessment of an individual's ability to process auditory information in challenging situations. These individuals typically have no problems detecting sounds or understanding speech in quiet listening environments. They do often experience other difficulties such as understanding auditory information (eg. conversation) in the presence of competing noise sources, problems following complex directions or multiple instructions, etc.

Some of the challenges a person with a central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) may experience include:

We have a variety of tests available to assess central auditory processing deficits. We will choose the testing that we feel is most appropriate based the individual's age and case history. A hearing assessment is required to ensure that the individual has normal hearing prior to completing the central auditory processing evaluation.

Following the assessment we will explain the results and present recommendations based on these results. With children these recommendations often include modifications to the learning environment in the classroom and assistive listening devices when required. A report will be always be sent to the family physician and the upon parent request to the school.

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