Custom Ear Plugs and Earmolds

Hearing Protection

Noise Plugs - Custom fit solid earplugs provide protection from excessive noise levels associated with a variety of recreational and occupational environments. This is the ideal option when the main purpose is reduction of noise rather than the ability to communicate.

Noise Braker - This is very similar to the noise plug but has a small hole drilled through with a small filter. This is ideal when noise reduction is necessary as well as the ability to hear some low frequency sound.

Swim Molds

Custom fit waterproof swim molds are ideal for individuals prone to ear infections or other ear problems. They are made of a soft material, New Sil, which provides an excellent seal to keep most water out. There is also an option of having them made with a floatable material so you won't lose them in the water. Swim molds are available in a variety of colours, including several neon colours. You can also swirl up to three different colours per pair. Handles and a cord are included with each pair, as well as a zippered wrist pouch.

Sleep Plugs

The custom fit, solid sleep plug is made of a soft material which allows for a comfortable sleep while reducing background noise. These are available in a variety of colours.

Musician's plugs

Musician Ear Plugs

These custom fit ear plugs are ideal hearing protection for any musician. The combination of a special filter with the acoustics of the custom earmold provide a smooth, flat attenuate helping to keep the natural sound of the music. They are available with a 9 dB, 15 dB or 25 dB filter depending on your specific requirement. These numbers indicate the amount of sound reduction for each plug.

MP3/iPod earmolds

These custom fit earmolds provide a secure fit, staying in place during exercise or physical activity.

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